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Eco ‘Green’ Funerals

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Eco ‘Green’ Funerals

Now more than ever, we are living in a more environmentally conscious world. People are not only considering the impact of their actions while they are alive, they also want to make sure they give back even after they are gone. ‘Green Funerals’, otherwise known as eco funerals, are a perfect way to say goodbye to a loved one, whilst not putting extra strain on the environment.

Eco funerals provide less of a stress on the environment in three key areas.


By opting for a burial over a cremation, specifically in a conservation area. This could be a species rich meadow, an orchard, or a woodland. These types of funerals are often referred to as woodland funerals for this reason.


Coffin materials are also carefully chosen with ‘eco coffin’ materials being biodegradable, and families choose to opt out of the embalming process. 


Finally, eco funerals generally have no permanent memorial and graves are not tended to. There are usually restrictions as to what flowers or plants may be planted in the area in order to preserve the aesthetics of the local area.

For Hadaway & Denton, we have a few eco-friendly burial sites local to us including:
Riverview by Kent Natural Burials
Bybrook Cemetery or Tenterden Cemetery

For those wishing to experience a more sustainable funeral, we have created an eco-funeral (or ‘Green funeral’) package that contains the following: Our professional fees including arranging, conducting and care of deceased (£2195)

Disbursement costs below

Unfortunately, our estimate calculator is not effective for eco funeral services. However, we have provided example disbursement costs below:

Minister/celebrant £232
Single grave at Bybrook Woodland or Tenterden Woodland £1479. Non-resident fees are considerably higher
For more personalised eco-funerals, we are also able to include the following:
Horse drawn carriage with 2 horses, white or black £850
Order of service booklets x 20 on recycled card £60
White dove release from £150
Live or recorded music


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